Jun 20, 2012

Paintstation - Imperial Lancers (Retained Knights)

As this is a relatively long post detailing how I went about painting these Retained Knights from 15mm.co.uk, the following is a tutorial with a lot of pictures on how these were painted; hopefully to serve as some inspiration to others out there!

This is what you get in the bag; lumps of raw metal with fair detailing and a brilliant look. 

This time around I tried something new for basing; 20mm washers with a strip of tape to cover up the holes. Unfortunately, the 20mm washers are just a tad on the large side for any other than these power armor troops.

Basing the Retained Knights, after having cleaned them up. As you can see, they fit snugly on these bases and are rather hefty 15mm figures in my opinion.

My go to undercoat for all of my miniatures; black Gesso! No more fussing about with spraycans, ventilation and weather!

The trick about using Gesso is to pour it on - and as soon as you get the idea that you've put on too much, you've put on just enough. Let it dry thoroughly for at least one hours before you start painting, to ensure that the gesso sticks to the metal.

The base colors used for the miniatures. The Blue and White are the sanctified colors of Imperial Troops that are under direct Imperial Control.

Here the miniatures have recieved a very rough basecoat of all the base colors. To this I then added a slightly thinned down wash of black of which there unfortunately is no pictures of. I have no idea where the pictures went, but when transferring them from the camera they were just gone...

And here they are, almost done. After having gotten a wash, I then painstakingly went about highlighting all raised areas with another coat of the base colors. I find that this is the perfect mixture between looks and the amount of time I spend. And I must also sing praises for GW's Ceramite White - it really works wonders on a black undercoat!

Finally, the bases got a good going over with Flat Earth from Vallejo model color, followed by a heavy semi-drybrush of Light Brown from the same line of paint. 
A final shot of the Imperial Soldiers, posing for the war correspondent!


  1. I love it! great write up. I also just added you blog to my read list.
    I have to say i still spray my minis, as the gesso I have is a bit gritty, and hampers my dry brushing. I do use it for one off, touch ups, and models I am not going to dry brush. Next time I will buy a better grade of gusso.


    1. I can fully recommend this one, if you can find it. The grittyness only appears when i undercoat vehicles or other miniatures with very large features - and even then it is because I mess up the drying times!
      So, for vehicles, I'm still all for spray-coating, but I haven't got any space for it in this flat at all.

  2. WOW! Mey I stole your colour scheme?

    1. Looks good. Looking forwards to meeting them on the field of battle ;)

    2. Steal away! The Imperial Lancers can always use more reinforcements! :)

      @Duncan - They're also looking forward to meeting your pinky-militias! ;)

  3. We're professionals I'll have you know, no half trained dumb militia here thanks! :D