Jun 9, 2012

Fireteam Andromeda - Playtest #2

Just some quick snapshots from last night playtest. It was a good game, but unfortunately the newly revised point-system left too much to be desired, and I need to fix it once more. The Imperial Forces took a sound thrashing against an equally costed, all-round Colonial Army - which essentially means that the point system is broken... again! 

So, back to the drawing board, out comes the calculators and it is time to go number-crunching. Apart from that the, rules are still working just great; very little is needed to be adjusted in the core rules, which is a great relief - the issues that cropped up during play was minor things overall, except that the armor save for infantry now gains a boost from 4+ to 3+; which should increase their survivability a lot. 

Electronic Warfare, however, was a resounding success - while expensive, it definately gives you a whole new set of tactical possibilities! Better get some improved electronic shielding for your forces!

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  1. Twas' a good game. Just a thought Torben, maybe an EMP specialist infantry might be called for to give blanket EMP protection. It's also an upgrade perfect for recon units.