Jun 8, 2012

Fireteam Andromeda - First Army Finished!

The 417th Imperial Expedition Force assembles

Field Commander, NCO and Support Personnel

Imperial Shocktroopers (Protolene Khanates, Critical Mass Games)

Armor Support (Protolene Khanates, Critical Mass Games)

Reconnaisance Drone - cross attached from the 403rd Expeditionary Force (Yu-jing Remote, Crovus Bellis)

So, just a quick post to show off the first, completed army for Fireteam Andromeda - The Imperial Expeditionary Force. All miniatures are from Critical Mass Games, except for the Recon Drone and the New Israeli Hardsuits (White/Orange) which are from Corvus Bellis and Ground Zero Games respectively. 

This therefore means that for tonights playtest I'll finally be able to field two fullypainted armies! Hopefully I'll find some time after this weekend to post pictures of the Sol Colonial Militia, as well as prep for a battlereport/playtest-report as well. At any rate, have a good weekend!


  1. These look great, good colour scheme, but how does the female fit in?

  2. Hehe - I should have had a competition for people to spot her! But, as I said, then what you see above is a full army (give or take) for Fireteam Andromeda - and the girl is my current Imperial Advisor (read, psionic) that is attached to this expeditionary force to keep them in check.