Aug 23, 2013

First Review of Fireteam Andromeda is in!

So, I just noticed that I haven't posted anything on this blog since Fireteam Andromeda launched back in Feburary. I am sorry for having neglecting you all (and I'm sorry for the confusion this sudden post will make in your various feed readers!) but real life took its toll and then I started up my final blog; Scatterbrained Wargamer which took some time getting off the ground, but now, it's online and looking good.

And this blog will get some updates, eventually - stay tuned for further developments!

Now, I'm mainly posting here to refer to the following blogpost on my company webpage for a nice in-depth review of Fireteam Andromeda.

Cheers for reading and have a good indian summer!

Feb 8, 2013

Fireteam Andromeda is now available!

As the title reads, Fireteam Andromeda has finally seen the light of day and can now be purchased over on Wargame Vault by following this link:

And from the shop page:
Fireteam Andromeda is a dedicated set of rules for 15mm science fiction
games, aimed at roughly a reinforced platoon per side. It has been
designed as a quick game, light on the granularity, but heavy on the tactical

To promote this tactical gameplay, the game incorporates a very special
Command & Control system. The system represents the overall motivation
of the troops as well as the commanders overall ability to formulate tactical
plans on the go. As troops are fired upon and take casualties, the
commander will find that it becomes harder and harder to keep track of
everything and needs to prioritize his actions.

Fireteam Andromeda was also designed as a very light wargame. From
the ground up, it was designed around a couple of easy to remember core
mechanics, which gives a quick and satisfying gameplay experience; almost
no charts and very few modifiers to remember in the heat of battle.

Fireteam Andromeda is intended to be a generic science fiction wargame,
which allows for players to design their own troops, using some very
broadly defined unit entries that can be customized to represent almost any
miniatures out there on the market today. Customizing your own units is a
breeze - and the rules includes point values to allow for pick-up-and-play

Fireteam Andromeda is the first in a long series of rulebooks, campaign
books and scenario books from Two Knights Publishing aimed at giving
you, the player, all you will ever need to play science fiction wargames, in
any scale, using any setting and any miniatures that you already have or
want to have.
A Short Overview:
  • Use only die-type (d6) and rolling high is always good!
  • Utilizes a special Alternating Activations turn sequence.
  • Number of figures that can be, comfortably used, is around 40-50 miniatures a side, depending on unit type and size.
  • Includes point values for pick up & play scenarios, but these can easily be ignored if players so wish.
  • Variant rules are included for larger games (up to 150 miniatures a side) as well as for using smaller or larger scales (6mm and 28mm respectively).
  • Finally – the army lists should allow you to build anything you'd like to use for your army, albeit with some jury-rigging if you've got something reallyexotic in mind…

Jan 29, 2013

AAR: The Fall of Mendaro

The war for Mendaro is about to reach a conclusion. All Imperial forces stationed there have recieved the call for evacuation immediately; any who miss out on the troop barges will be left to their own fate as the Alliance Patrol is slowly encroaching on the Imperial Palace there.

A platoon of Patrol Soldiers have been tasked with patrolling an Imperial outpost in the vicinity; their objective is to take out as many Imperial troopers as they can, before they reach the evacuation area - the war might have been won, but the Alliance Patrol wants to make damn sure that the Imperial are never to return here...

This is a quick playtest for the Rosetta Skirmish System as well as a Solo & Coop appendix that I've been working on lately. Progress has been slow, with real life being what it is, followed by a general miniature-burnout. However, now it's back to the Terminus Nebula as we follow the progress of the Alliance Patrol attempting to Search & Destroy any and all Imperial troopers!

The Imperial Outpost in all its glory. 

The Alliance Patrol (Power Armor miniatures from Brigade Models UK)

Early Intel suggested that most of the Imperial forces were either disorganized or scattered; as Patrol HQ reported: "A walk in the park". The Patrol Commander however, was doubting the worth of said  intel when the enemy forces seemed to have massed for a counter attack.

I rolled randomly as to where the Alliance Patrol would deploy, ending up with a Missile Launcher Support Fireteam on the far right flank, completely cut off by their squad mates. This gave me cause to worry as the Solo rules will randomly determine the number of enemy models, if any; meaning that these four brave souls could potentially be staring down a platoon of 36 men all by their lonesome!

This meant that I tried to move the left flank up, post-haste, which only resulted in one squad being Fatigued (They failed their additional action roll, meaning that they were spent up already and leaving the enemy free to roam). 

The fatigued squad manages to climb the hill and are in a perfect position to ambush the enemy... if not for the fact that they were, well, fatigued and needed rest.

The first contact of the game was a large squad of Imperial Lancers (Elite soldiers) who were just spotted by a squad on the far left at the end of their activation. As I then gave the turn to the "opponent" I drew a card to see how the spotted unit would act. They promptly continued moving away (Withdrawing) meaning that they left the table edge without so much as firing a shot!

Two of the other encounters were duds, spooks in the scanners but the final marker was a small group of Lancers, but they were toting two LMG's! I rolled for their attacks and unbelievably none of the Patrol Soldiers took so much as a scratch from the attack, nor were they fazed from the attack either. 

However, they fumbled their activation during - what would become - the final turn, meaning they only had one action for my activation phase, firing a small barrage of shots at the Lancers, killing one and... that was it. The Lancers had done what their Commander had ordered (I drew the "Withdraw" strategy for the Imperials before the game began.) and promptly withdrew.

"... Well, at least we got one of 'em!"

And there it is, my first foray into Rosetta Skirmish and Solo play both! Seeing as this is still a playtest-stage of development then I was mightily pleased to see that the rules themselves worked just fine and intuitively  Of course, the rules for Solo play needs some more sanding on the edges, but the basic system seems to work soundly.

Hopefully I'll be able to present a more detailed Rosetta Skirmish AAR soonish, if the stars align properly and what not. Hope you enjoyed this small battle-report as well as the pictures.