Nov 13, 2012

Paintstation - Repurposed 'Clix (Part II)

Just another quick update from the paintstation; another repurposed Mech-Warrior 'Clix miniature.

SeverDyne Inc. HT-30 Tank Hunter
SeverDyne Inc. have long specialized in creating light and fast vehicles - primarily producing various sport-hovers and race-cars but recently they entered the military market with the HT-30. 
It is a light two man vehicle, with separate booths for gunner and driver; with a fixed mount supercharged Heavy Laser; easily capable in itself to take out most heavy armored vehicles, but the maneuverability of the HT-30 means that it is easier for a well trained crew to flank the opposing forces and score a critical hit, should the standard penetrative power of the Heavy Laser prove insufficient.

A Gernash Leader shown for scale.

Gernash Kinsmen - The elite shocktroops of the Gernash Tribeships and heir apparent to the tribal council. 

Nov 12, 2012

Fireteam Andromeda - First Edition!

So, this little gem arrived in the mail today.

And thus it won't be long before I can finally launch Fireteam Andromeda to an unsuspecting world. I'm hoping for a late November, early December release - once the company, Two Knights Publishing, has been formalized and all that.

But mostly? I just wanted to share the grand feeling of getting something published for the very first time. Which, incidentally means that I've removed the free playtest download version of Fireteam Andromeda from the blog.

In the coming weeks I'll start writing the Fireteam Andromeda: Operations Manual which will detail all sorts of missions, scenarios, campaigns and what not to take the game to its next level. Following that there's bound to be a book about the various alien races in the Terminus Nebula and other new ideas for armylists, setting material and what. In short; stay tuned!

Nov 7, 2012

Paintstation - Repurposed 'Clix Miniatures

Gernash Insurgents have a preferrence for Skim-boats to carry them into battle.

This is just a quick post to showcase some quick conversions I made of some 'Mech-'Clix models into usable 15mm miniatures. The first of these were these Skim-boats, which are intended to be fast, light assault vehicles - designed to quickly move the close combat orientated units of the Gernash Insurgents into striking range. The vehicles themselves have no weapons themselves, sans an Assault Launcher and some Scrambler Drones.

The original model for the Skim-boats; a JES Missile Carrier.

A quick shot to show the scale difference - or rather lack of same - between the Skim-boats and the Gernash Insurgent leader (Critical Mass Games, Naga Commander)

A scavenged heavy walker provides some much needed firepower for the lightly armed and armored Gernash Insurgents.

In other news; I finally finished Fireteam Andromeda and I'm awaiting the arrival of the first print test before I can give the go-code for launch. Look forward to a post about its availability within fourteen days - just in time for Horisont!