May 15, 2012

Rebasing Miniatures

Today I decided to finally get about rebasing all of my old 15mm miniatures; removing them from their former Flames of War style basing to the new, and much preferred, single-based unity. While i like the idea and the visiuals of multi-based 15mm figures (Conquest Galactica as well as earlier editions of Fireteam Andromeda were all about multi-based, company sized games, akin to Flames of War) I've since found that I prefer it for smaller scales, such as 6mm or the like. But I still had a lot of miniatures - painted miniatures at that - lying about.

The old basing style, which is now being scrapped

Thus, today I tooled up for the job; purchasing some rare-earth magnets (for a completely unrelated project, involving a Gunship from Old Crow) and two tubes of super-glue and finding all of my basing-coins I then set about snapping, breaking and tearing my way through a whole lot of bases - ending up with the following collection.

A whole lot of troops for Fireteam Andromeda

Not bad at all for a couple of hours work - and I even had some superglue left over in the first container! The total for today's rebasing leaves me with the following:
  • 12 x Light Power Armor for the Imperial Expeditionary Force
    (New Israeli Hardsuits, Ground Zero Games)
  • 10 x Medium Power Armor for the Sol System Colonial Force
    (NAC Power Armor, Ground Zero Games)
  • 14 x Scouts / Rangers for the Sol System Colonial Force
    (NAC Gurkhas in Bush Hats, Ground Zero Games)
  • 30 x Martian Homesteaders for either side
    (Mixed Armed Civilians, Ground Zero Games)
  • 2 x Engineers, 2 x Specialists (Psions?) and 2 x Heavy Weapon Groundmounts for the Sol System Colonial Force
  • 1 x Robotic Recon Walker for the Imperial Expeditionary Force
    (Yu-Jing Drone, Corvus Bellis from their Infinity line)
All in all, not bad for two hours or so of rebasing. Not only did my painted forces just quadruple in size, but I've still many more to go - roughly two or three squads at the very least, not counting those that were based for the Fireteam Andromeda - Reloaded edition. 

So, to end it all off - here's a quick workbench shot of the Light Power Armor attachment for the Expeditionary Force.

In other news, work has now begun on actually writing down the history and details concerning the Taxation War as well as figuring out how best to write any supplements, armylists and what not for the Fireteam Andromeda system - as well as a bit of tidying up of the rules. But that's for another time, in another post.


  1. Cool looking figs, any close ups of the 10 GZG power armour figs?

    1. I'll see what I can do later today; they're however painted a long time ago and not really that much up to snuff I'm afraid - base colours and inking, no fancy detailing ;)