May 16, 2012

Paintjob - 'Landsknecht' Wardroid

Today I finished up painting, not only the entire Colonial Militia for the Sol system, but also a bit of odds and ends. As per a recent discussion over on The Miniatures Page Cdude93 asked about a droid for 28mm that I thought of putting to use in 15mm. So, I dug it out, gave it a quick and dirty paintjob and wrote up some stats for it for Fireteam Andromeda - And thus, I present to you; the 'Landsknecht'.

The model itself is a Hellcat Fury from Scotia Grendel and has a vague ED-209 look that I'm rather fond of. There are multiple versions of the Hellcat droid in the Nexus Force range from Scotia Grendel, and I'm probably going to pick up a few more as time goes by. For now, however, I'm happy with the quick and dirty paintjob for this beast - that and the veritable torrent of fire that it can dish out during a game!

Using Fireteam Andromeda to stat up this robot was a breeze! I chose the Battlesuit unit entry and added a Light Automatic Weapon to the suit (thus the unit can only consist of 1 - 2 Landsknechts, as this is the maximum number of battlesuits that can carry a Light weapon) which, obviously, is the quadruple chainguns. 

To represent the increased torrent of fire from four (!) chaingun barrels, I decided to give it the Rapid Fire (Ballistic) upgrade, increasing the Light Weapons Rate of Fire to 5, as well as the Linked Fire upgrade, allowing it to re-roll any failed to-hit rolls. The two guns, which I've decided are some sort of vey light auto-cannons, were designated as Versatile Support Weapons, choose Ballistic to maximize the effect of the Rapid Fire Upgrade. Finally, I chose the Artificial trait for the machine, suitable for any robotic flak-cannon. 

Photo to illustrate the size of the 'Landsknecht'; it could easily be used for a Walker vehicle!

And now, as a special reader service, I leave you with a couple of pictures of painted NAC Power Armor miniatures from Ground Zero Games. Reader Dan asked for a couple of snapshots of them and here they are - enjoy!