May 13, 2012

Brave New World

So, here's to starting off a dedicated blog for something I've been working on for a very long time; Terminus Nebula - my own little science-fiction setting which sets the tone for all of my science fiction gaming in the - pardon the pun - indefinate future.

I decided that this year would be the year where I finally got stuck in and actually started publishing, with all that such ventures entails, my various rulebooks, settings and what not to the general public rather than simply keep scattered notes on various harddrives.

Terminus Nebula - as a blog - will therefore detail my various forays into science fiction gaming, be it in 6mm, 15mm or 28mm scale or any place in between. I have, for quite some time, been working on various ruleprojects for each of the listed scales and this blog is going to be where I post various musings on the subject at hand - namley the setting, the games, the rules and anything else inbetween.

Too long have the projects been scattered across the internet - this is my attempt to consolidate all relevant information about the setting as well as the rules and miniatures that I use into a single place.

So, with that out of the way - welcome to the blog!

For now, it is mainly a holding page for Fireteam Andromeda, a reinforced platoon level 15mm set of rules, allowing for easy access to any who are interested in helping out playtesting the game or for those who are simply looking for a new set of rules for their science fiction games.

In the future, I'll upload both Mecha Doom and the Rosetta Stone systems, my 6mm and 28mm rulesystems so that those who are interested in either scale can peruse them as well.

While the focus, for now, is on getting my rulebooks out there, I am planning more on uploading battle-reports, various paintschemes, unit history, background information and so on for the setting. What the setting entails? Well, that's a post for another day.

Welcome aboard!

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