Oct 7, 2012

Paintstation - Gernash Insurgents

A Gernash Fireteam, as led by a Gernash Warchief, on the move towards the Imperial occupation forward base in the Valley of Souls on Orellian V.

And here they are then; the Gernash Insurgents, following up on my last post regarding the Imperial Troops and their Fifth Pacification of Orellian V. 

The Gernash Insurgents are "rebels for hire"; former soldiers and ex-patriots of the Republican Forces who were engaged in the Terminus Nebula during the Great War, they have since the ceasefire taken a keen interest in continuing their clandestine operations against any and all Imperial Occupation within the Terminus Nebula. 

Gernash Fireteam; their primary battlefield role is to provide a massive amount of fire to supress and pin down the opposing forces in order to allow the Gernash Bladesmen to get into close combat.

However, as they are no longer part of the Republic in any form of official measure, they have had to resort to become mercenaries in order to sustain their armed forces. As such, various Gernash Warbands are seen fighting on almost all sides across the Terminus Nebula - except they never fight, directly, for the Imperium or against each other. In order to prevent this, they have specialized in spreading dissent within Imperial held systems; fighting for all those who wish to throw of the shackles of Imperial rule - for a price. 

A Gernash Warchief displaying his ship-sigil; it marks him as being a Warchief of the Tri-Blade tribeship; a tribeship renown for its preference of melee combat and boarding expertise. 

The Gernash, as a race, live a nomadic life onboard huge ships called tribeships. These gigantic arks were constructed at a time just before their homeworld was ravaged by a stellar cataclysm, and house the major tribes from that period of time. Originally they were intended to settle new worlds, but the Gernash found that their neighboring systems were not only settled by other races, but were settled by races in dire need of many of the technological advances that the Gernash had developed.

Thus, the Tribeships now follow a set circuit of planets where they trade with the local populace, venture out into the deep mineral wells and energy nebulas in their areas; harvest and return to garner a profit. They are known for their expert boarding parties, preferring to capture ships rather than destroy them whenever they are engaged in stellar conflict; and their land-based forces reflect this in some fashion.

Although they cannot be considered scavengers, as such, they do have a preference for capture and control rather than outright destruction, reflecting their ancient rituals of tribe warfare, as the destruction of another tribeship would have meant that there were even less Gernash left in the universe. Due to the unique physiology they are savage and brutal fighters, but will keep their heads cool and attempt to utilize the minimum force required in order to obtain their goals.

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