Sep 29, 2012

Fireteam Andromeda - Emperors Household Troops

Real life has been at it again. The summer months came and went, and with it the time for writing and updating this blog came to a complete standstill. But things have been moving at a steady pace behind the scenes, as should be evident from the picture above - a whole platoon worth of troops joins in the strife around the Terminus Nebula; as the release of Fireteam Andromeda looms nearer. Nearer being around the end of October, but hopefully sooner.

In short; the Terminus Nebula, Fireteam Andromeda and Me are far from dead yet! The rest of this post contains various shots of the Imperial Troops, posing for the war correspondent.

The Emperors Household Troops on the move!

Knight Commander Siegfried von Karrex and Honour Guard, serving under Lance Baron Otto von Karrex (not pictured) upon deployment to Orellian V in the Fifth pacification of the Gernash Insurgents. To his left stands the Imperial Advisor R'etahn; a psion of some repute within the Imperial Court.

The ancient "Conquest"-pattern battle droids are among the most prized possessions of the Emperors Household; normally assigned as guardians of the Imperial Palaces, ever so often these are transferred to field service in order to strike terror in the opposing forces. 

Household Soldiers advancing alongside a Rheinstahl Type 88 Infantry Support Tank; a very common tank employed by a multitude of armed forces throughout the known universe.

Von Kerrax' Lance, 4th Banner, deployed to suppress the Gernash Insurgents; a mercenary force employed by a break-away faction in the Orellian system - a key outpost for Imperial Shipping in the Terminus Nebula.


  1. I love them, but what is the battle droid???? Is it an epic titan?

  2. Cheers! Yes, it is an Epic Knight Titan, two of those plastic Knights that were part of an old edition of Adeptus Titanicus as far as I recall :)