Jan 13, 2015

Update - The Road Ahead

Here we are then, a brand new year and lots of interesting ideas down the road for Two Knights Publishing as well as the Terminus Nebula blog. I know that it has been lying dormant for quite some time, but it has been the result of not only an overly busy and confusing real-life for me, but also because I have been experimenting on how to succesfully balance and manage my personal Social Media presence... which leads to this blog post.

Over the past few years, my own personal life (which I'm not going to bore you with details about) has been quite tumultus to say the least. But this year it seems that things have finally converged to a place where I can finally rest easy, keep up a steady pace of writing as well as not having to worry about paying bills and all the usual Real-Life-Hassles (TM). As a result thereof, this blog will be reactivated and new stuff is bound to find its way here, because I have a plan!

The glorious cover made by my good friend Nanna Sofie

The details of said plan is to go back to writing more tid-bits about the Terminus Nebula setting and further provide updates on the rulebooks that I write and publish for said setting. The first of which, Fireteam Andromeda, has just been re-released in a Revised Edition, but down the road I should also have the time for at least three other systems set to the same setting. So rest assured, it's going to be a busy - but also exciting year for the whole Terminus Nebula setting, with some finalized product finally seeing the day of light.

The first thing I needed to get going was Fireteam Andromeda and following this post I'll update the files associated with it that is available through this blog as well. The second thing is that I'm working on a rulebook that, as of now, has the working title Terminus Nebula. It will be a more skirmish-orientated affair, complete with rules for using both 28mm and 15mm miniatures as well as a lot of detail about the Terminus Nebula setting as well as the Employment War, including a campaign book as well. This will be the primary focus of 2015 for me, but it's not all that I'm going to work on.

The third thing is Mecha Legion (formerly known as Mecha Doom) which will be a grand-scale, battalion level wargame for 6mm miniatures. It will, as the name might imply, include rules for using a lot of Mechs but will also allow for using various tanks, infantry, flyers and artillery to fight out some of the larger engagements of both the Imperial Civil War as well as the Great Galactic War. I hope that I can, at the least, get it started and off the ground during the year - but as I'm also working on some rules for spacefleet battle that I'd like to join together with the Mecha Legion rules I'm doubting that it'll be ready this year. And of course, there's going to be some supplements for Fireteam Andromeda as well as a couple of - gasp - fantasy wargames as well!

I painted this back in 2012 - it should really be time for them to get to the field of battle!
As I also alluded to, then I've been trying to find out how to manage my social media outlets and what not. The thing was that when I had the time for updates, I'd much rather do some actual writing on Fireteam Andromeda or paint some miniatures, and that left me with either very little energy to write a lengthy blogpost about it. So, effective immediately I've decided to cut down on my social media stuff and only use a couple of outlets rather than the myriad that I've been using so far.

This means that I will, in the future, use the Terminus Nebula blog for all things that are in anyway related to the Terminus Nebula setting; whether it will be updates on rules, new rules (for any of the upcoming systems), detailed accounts of painted miniatures and so on. This will, effectively, link the Terminus Nebula blog to Two Knights Publishing who's own blog (see, too many blogs, not enough time) will then fade away into oblivion at some point. The goal is to have at least one post a month, but hopefully more.

Those who wish to keep up with all of my own personal gaming activities that are not related, directly, to either Two Knights Publishing or Terminus Nebula can do so by stopping by my personal blog - Scatterbrained Wargamer. This will include WIP's, various personal musings, rants, holiday photos and all else that can be expected from a wargaming blog.

And thus, with this very lengthy update, I'll wish you a happy new year and will look forward to keep you updated about all things Terminus Nebula!


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