Nov 13, 2012

Paintstation - Repurposed 'Clix (Part II)

Just another quick update from the paintstation; another repurposed Mech-Warrior 'Clix miniature.

SeverDyne Inc. HT-30 Tank Hunter
SeverDyne Inc. have long specialized in creating light and fast vehicles - primarily producing various sport-hovers and race-cars but recently they entered the military market with the HT-30. 
It is a light two man vehicle, with separate booths for gunner and driver; with a fixed mount supercharged Heavy Laser; easily capable in itself to take out most heavy armored vehicles, but the maneuverability of the HT-30 means that it is easier for a well trained crew to flank the opposing forces and score a critical hit, should the standard penetrative power of the Heavy Laser prove insufficient.

A Gernash Leader shown for scale.

Gernash Kinsmen - The elite shocktroops of the Gernash Tribeships and heir apparent to the tribal council. 


  1. Nicely done. love the background as well.

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