Jun 7, 2012

Fireteam Andromeda - Version 2.1

So, after having slaved away at the desktop for a good number of days, burning the midnight oil and keeping everything going by coffee alone; I've finally... erh... finalized a new, and improved, version of Fireteam Andromeda!

For those interested; head on over to the download page and give it a look. As always, comments, critique and  praise is more than welcome!

So, what has changed?
Well, to put it simply, then there's a whole bunch of changes, but not a lot in the way of overhauls. The following list should state the major changes (not including some editing, spell-checking, word-rearranging and other such trivial, yet important, updates):
  • Introducing Super Heavy Weapon Teams for all those with a hankering for big Anti-Tank guns and Howitzers crewed by Infantry. 
  • New Force Organization Charts. These now reflect more of an actual platoon structure than before, allowing players to customize their forces even more - includes the option for using two or more platoons as well, in a single game. 
  • Changed all Support, Light and Heavy Weapons so that they now have greater detail, more flexibility and are still customizable.
  • Added rules for Electronic Warfare; allowing for new tactics to be employed. 
  • Changed the point systems a bit, making it a whole lot easier to construct a force than before (no odd points!)
  • Tightening up of the various Upgrades and Traits available to all units. 
In short; a rather massive update. Tomorrow it is time for another playtest here at Terminus Central, and hopefully the rules have evolved into a much more stable version so that I can post up a small battle-report for all of the readers out there. 

In other news, I've just received confirmation that the Imperial forces are getting some much needed reinforcements from 15mm.co.uk in the form of some Retained Knight and Muster Troops. Also, the Imperial Expedition Force is almost completely painted, and will probably feature in a blog-post in the near future. 

Till then; cheers, and happy gaming!

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